Monday, December 3, 2007

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I feel that I have so much to say about this whole vegan "thing", but am too lazy to sit down and type it all. But suffice it to say right now that I am proud to be vegan for 8 ENTIRE DAYS, without any major cravings or issues. I feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and happiness that compensates for the fact that I cannot ingest mozzarella cheese. Or Funyuns. Oh, suh-weet Funyuns.

And because I am lazy and will keep this brief, what I wanted to impart, to myself, or anyone who deems to read this is this: It is so very crappy that I can be so excited, proud, happy and allofthatthere with becoming vegan, but that if I tell almost anyone, I just face ridicule. Or scorn. I am a chatty bitch. I like to talk too much at times. I like to regale people with boring stories about my daily life. I wanna tell people about the biggest thing I have done EVER, excepting the Flock of Seagulls-esque hairdo I had in high school. I am not pushing this on anyone else, nor am I judging them. Can I not just be happy about it, without the other junk? I have had many instances in my life where people tell me something they are excited about, and I inwardly groan, or cry. Does my father need another record player? Is three not enough? Does the woman I work with really need to purchase a cheap plastic pink mirror with fake lace and roses glued onto theback? I will feign my own excitement. I do it almost every day. Because if something makes someone happy, or proud, who am I to take that away from them? As long as I do not tie anyone down and force tofu down their throats, lemme be happy. Puh-lease. Thanks much.

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jen said...

I think people do feel a twinge of guilt when they find out you're a vegan because, I think, most people would agree that the way animals are treated and the way animal products are harvested is unnatural and unethical. For most people who aren't practicing vegans, though, it's not a high priority in their lives. Or at least, the horror doesn't outweigh their taste for meat. Hence the immediate response is defensive. "well, I couldn't be a vegetarian because...".

I think you should tell people just what you said now. That they don't need to justify their dietary choices to you. It was something that meant a lot to you and you're excited that you've been able to accomplish it despite your circumstances.

I think anyone can relate to that.

By the way, congratulations on 8 days vegan!